Exposing any on-premise WCF Services in Azure

Exposing your on-premise Web Services to the outside world can sometimes be a hassle. While sending data from inside the corporate network to the outside world is often fairly easy, the reverse is most often much more difficult and also more of a security risk. The Microsoft Azure Service Bus holds a very clever and very cool solution for this: The […]

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Web API playing well with JQuery Templates

Since my last blogpost about Web API Glenn Block appeared on Hanselminutes so it seems to be hot stuff at the moment. Having already written part of this blogpost, as it was actually part of the last post before I decided to break it in half, it seems a good time to finish it and get it out there. So building on my last post I will also take a look at how Web API plays along with JQuery and the new JQuery templates.

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I need a REST


One might think that the title of this blogpost is due to the fact that this summer I will be turning 30. However it is actually a task I have been looking into, that could also be phrased as: I wish to build a REST based service, what are my options? With REST gaining in popularity I think this a […]

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