The End of an Era…

With this dramatic title I mean that something has changed in my gadgetery. After 9 years I am leaving the  Microsoft mobile platform, who knows if for good. 9 years!! That is, in Internet years, like, I don’t know… 3 centuries? half-an-eon? Anyway, a long time it is. I have owned a device with a mobile OS from Microsoft since the first device with Pocket PC 2002 was released. After that, a trustworthy Windows Mobile 2003, a not-so-trustworthy WM6 Professional (I skipped WM5, not that I think missed anything), a pretty stable WM6.1 in a device in which I managed to smuggle a WM6.5.something ROM in. Besides, I have laid my hands onto Windows CE 2.11, PocketPC 2000, and the archaic Smartphone editions. And yeah, I have occasionally borrowed a Windows Phone 7.

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Digitale brugermanualer med 2D stregkoder


Det har efterhånden længe været kendt, at man som forbruger med de nye mobile smartphones kan scanne en 2D stregkode på en fysisk genstand og modtage en digital information og oplevelse. Man oplever det flere og flere steder i bybilledet. De praktiske eksempler har ofte gået på markedsføring af events, gimmicks, konkurrencer, hvor bruger kan scanne og se om vedkommende har […]

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Windows Phone 7 – building for the future

A little over a month ago I went to a meeting at Trifork about Windows Phone 7, where my initial expectations got challanged. As an enthusiastic .NET developer the prospect of Microsoft “getting in to the game” of phone development is incredibly interesting. I did however leave the meeting feeling a little subdued, because quite of bit of talk ended up revolving around missing features and features that are not available in Denmark.

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