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Fem fede features ved Windows Phone 7 – Del 5, .NET

Sidste del af min lille serie om fede features ved Windows Phone 7 kan måske godt lyde lidt nørdet. .NET, eller .NET Frameworket, som det rettelig hedder, er nemlig det software framework, man udvikler programmer til Microsoft styresystemer på – og dermed også til Windows Phone 7. Har du ikke allerede læst de fire første dele kan du læse om henholdsvis User Interfacet baseret på Metro, People Hub, Pictures Hub og Zune.

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Processing multiple email attachments with BizTalk Server 2009 using POP3 adapter and orchestration


This article will describe how to: – Receive emails through the standard BizTalk POP3 adapter. – Process multiple email attachments. – How to keep track of the filename for the individual attachments. How long time does it take me to implement this? – Receiving emails through the standard BizTalk POP3 adapter is a very simple configuration, which can be done […]

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Commerce Server as a Repository

Working with Enterprise Applications like large e-commerce sites often requires interaction with different systems for different purposes, like: Retrieving catalog data (products and categories) Retrieving customer information Retrieving inventory skus Retrieving prices Sending fullfilled orders … and the list continues … In Vertica most of our projects are based on the principles of Domain-Driven Design. In short DDD is all […]

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Talking the Talk. About CQRS

It’s been a while since I gave my very exciting (at least for me) talk about CQRS. Some time after I arranged a podcast (aka. ANUGCast) with my colleague Søren, where he let me speak and mumble for long time about my thoughts on the matter. Here you can get both parts (hey, I was unleashed provided material for two podcast): Part 1 Part 2

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