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After the previous service release, here comes a new one. It is not a ground-breaking release (I suspect we won’t be getting many around here) in terms of features but it was fun to create it. The Default Non-Zero Enumeration Re-Visited One of the motivations of the release was address a problem in which default instances of Money had an undefined enumeration value. I kind of solved, but thinking about it later on I found a more convenient and performing way of solving the problem: using good old nullables and the not less venerable Nullable<T>.GetValueOrDefault(default).

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I need a REST


One might think that the title of this blogpost is due to the fact that this summer I will be turning 30. However it is actually a task I have been looking into, that could also be phrased as: I wish to build a REST based service, what are my options? With REST gaining in popularity I think this a […]

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It’s been a while, tot a release since last year! Let’s not be dramatic, it’s been one month-ish. What’s up Doc? An strategy for deprecated currencies has been developed. More on this later. Estonian Kroon (EEK) has been deprecated using the above strategy. Currency.Get() and Currency.TryGet() have a new overload that receives a RegionInfo. HTML and XML entity support for those currencies that have an entity representation. Better NuGet support. Let’s scratch the surface of this new release.

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