Blog series: B2B E-Commerce – Do you prioritize your biggest channel?

A report from Eurostat E-Commerce Statistics published in December 2016 shows that E-Sales via EDI generated more than twice as much turnover as E-Sales via Web among EU countries in 2015. Whilst the EDI turnover only included B2B, the Web turnover was a 50/50 split between B2B and B2C.

e-sales in EU comparison between web and edi

*Web sales include also B2C sales.

If we look solely at B2B E-Commerce, the difference in turnover between EDI and Web rises to 4 to 1 in favor of EDI, and for most countries the difference appears to be even bigger.

In Denmark, as an example, the EDI turnover from B2B E-sales was more than 8 times compared to Web.

In a B2B E-Commerce perspective, the numbers paint a clear-cut picture; EDI is the dominant E-sales channel when you compare EDI and Web of today. How can it be that the biggest sales channel in E-Commerce generates so much turnover, yet gets so little attention?

In this blog series, I will be focusing on EDI and E-Commerce (EDI Commerce) and contribute with some tools, how to think about EDI Commerce as part of your digital strategy and how to unleash the full potential of EDI Commerce.

Content of this series:

Blog series: B2B E-Commerce – Do you prioritize your biggest channel?
Part 1 – E-Commerce and EDI – Where’s the hype?
Part 2 – E-Commerce and EDI – EDI vs Web
Part 3 – E-Commerce and EDI – Omnichannel
Part 4 – E-Commerce and EDI – The full potential
Part 5 – E-Commerce and EDI – Technical: Architectural amusements

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