NMoneys and MongoDB

MongoDB is a public favorite of mine. It was the first document database I worked with and despite their quirks (less and less as time passes) I can strongly recommend to have a look to it when you are searching for a server-based, solid document database.

Half-broken by Default

Unfortunately, (and we can blame NMoneys for it) MongoDB does not get on well, by default, with Money instances.
Yes, they can be stored (not “pretty” { "CurrencyCode" : 208, "Amount" : "123.45" } alas), but what it can’t be done by default is retrieving them and that seriously compromises my definition of working “out-of-the-box”.

Fortunately enough, MongoDB offers a pretty extensive customization over the serialization/deserialization process.

Looking Back

There is a big gap from version 1 to version 2 of the MongoDB driver, meaning a single source file cannot target both versions.

Initially, NMoneys will support custom serialization for the version 1 and when time comes a second package will be created to support v2.

Picking up the package


Documentation is available in here.

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