OSS Summer Refresh

One would not believe it given the weather here in Denmark, but it is summer and what happens with summer? Amongst other interesting things here comes an update of some OSS projects.


The amendment 160 from ISO has been applied, containing only minor changes in currency denomination.

But majority of changes happen behind the visible artifacts:

  • All tools and libraries have been updated (NuGet, NUnit and psake)
  • The whole build process has been refactored heavily to support…
  • …continuous integration and remote deployments via AppVeyor

Not So Continuous Deployment

Now it is easier for me to push a new version locally (with the new \build\Deploy.ps1 script) but it is also possible to deploy using AppVeyor. It is a nice to have but it opens new scenarios for quick fixes in which there is no need for a development computer:

  1. Make a small fix using GitHub’s text editor
  2. Make a commit
  3. Mend documentation in the Wiki
  4. Code is built, tests are run and all artifacts created
  5. Packages are pushed to NuGet
  6. GitHub Release is created

And all of that can be done away from my development machine! A nice to have, but definitely pretty sweet.

Let the bits flow downward

As usual you can get the packages from NuGet or the binaries from the Release.


Believe it (or not) it has been almost 3 years from the last release of Testing.Commons, more than one year from Testing.Commons.NUnit and Testing.Commons.ServiceStack last ones.

One can see those projects as "stable" or "nearly abandoned", depending on how one can see a non-empty bottle. It is pretty obvious that this project is not as popular as NMoneys, but they are still used in all my professional projects.
But being quiet (dormant) is not a reason for not getting a facelift and new features.

  • Testing.Commons offers a new way to organize your builders.
  • Testing.Commons.NUnit got an update on its dependencies: ExpectedObjects, NUnit and Testing.Commons itself
  • Testing.Commons.ServiceStack got a new .UriFor() method to calculate the URL to a request DTO decorated (or not) with RouteAttribute and got it namespace changed to Testing.Commons.Service_Stack to prevent silly namespace conflicts.
  • All tools and libraries have been updated (NuGet, NUnit and psake)

Time for an update

Get latest version of all three packages frrom NuGet.


The benjamin of the family (but used in all my OSS projects) got a new version for the latest stable release of NUnit.

No fanciness in the build here, just the NuGet package.

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