5 tips and tricks for your Instagram photos

For taking beautiful pictures for your Instagram profile you don´t need a degree in photography. All you need is your phone-camera and a motive, and then you are basically ready. But with the following advices you can optimize your pictures easily, and create yourself a beautiful Instagram account.

Additionally: Read our Instagram FAQ.

So read on:)

1. Flatlays – … are very popular on Instagram. The definition of a flatlay is items placed to lay flat on a background. Mostly they are themed with either makeup items, clothing or by color. Only your imagination sets the limit.


Source: https://www.bloguettes.com/how-to-flaunt-the-flat-lay/

2. Use bright colors – Bright colors are very eyecatching, and makes your picture stand out from the crowd when people browse fast through their feed.


Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/51/1d/63/511d637df36adc607996c59500ddf213.png

3. Find the perfect background – Choose a background that will make your subject(s) stand out. The background itself can make the picture even more interesting – and consistent use of certain backgrounds can also give your pictures


Source: http://stephstrays.com/2014/09/perfect-flat-lay-photo/

4. You dont have to include everything in the frame – Play with the angles or tilt the camera. Everything doesn’t have to be in the frame. The picture could be even more interesting when exploring angles and cutting of corners.


Source: https://instagram.com/p/vaXfzRKZoX/

5. The right light + use an app to help you Light is the most important thing when photographing – so always take your pictures in natural light.

But no need to panic if the lighting is not perfect – you can always get a helping hand from one of the many photo editing apps put there.

I can recommend both Lightroom and Snapseed.


Source: http://www.krystalskitsch.com/2015/01/iphone-photography-apps.html

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