Proactive alerts in BizTalk Server

Using the BizTalkTracker tool you have the ability to set up alerts for message types and/or ports an verify that these types are seen in BizTalk Server on a regular basis.


BizTalkTracker is a non-intrusive tool for BizTalk Server, that requires no set up or addition to your existing BizTalk solution(s).

All it does is query the existing data, available in the BizTalk Tracking database.


In BizTalkTracker you can set up both message type and port watch. What this means is that BizTalkTracker will monitor if messages of certain types or messages through a certain port are received on a regular basis. You can specify how many days/hours/minuttes are allowed to pass without seeing these messages before BizTalkTracker will alert you.


You can then examine the actual alerts, and verify which messages and/or ports has not been received within the given time interval


Getting a trial edition
To get a trial edition of BizTalkTracker send an email to


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