Searching Currencies

The main reason that NMoneys.Web was envisioned (apart from the learning experience) was to provide information about how the library displays monetary quantities in order for non-technical users to be able to spot mistakes or improvements.
Such requirement is fulfilled in the Currencies section


There are quite a few currencies (NMoneys supports, at the time of writing, 183) so I thought a tile-like layout would be suitable to display the most important information (codes, names and symbols).


For more detailed information it makes sense to have one of those evil modals (out-of-the-box Bootstrapper) and since there is some information, grouping in tabs looked like a good idea, sprinkling it with some tooltips.


Finding one’s way… Or a currency

A very early “requirement” was the ability to filter/search currencies (it seems that Find in Page of your browser is not good enough Smile with tongue out).
After a couple of Google searches, I found that jquery.quicksearch (now pretty “forgotten”) and (the even older) jquery.highlight fitted the bill pretty nicely. A couple of train rides later, pseudo-free-text filtering plus highlighting was implemented on a shoestring with minimal coding:

It’s not a SPA. It’s better than good. It’s… good enough.

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