I am a developer. It happens that most of the applications I have developed are web applications. That should make me a web developer. But for the last developments in the area, I don’t consider myself one.

I still get the chills with Javascript, I don’t like coffee, I do not hate CSS too much, I do not have NodeJs installed in every  machine and scaffold web frameworks are alright. There is definitely lots of web stuff that I do not get to do on a day by day, otherwise I would love js, crave coffee, despise CSS, kneel to NPM greatness and do my own grids.

But I like exploring and learning by doing. That is why I chose to develop a web site in my scarce spare time.
And since I also like things with a meaning (small as it may be) I created a web site for NMoneys.

Before the storm…

There has been a slow stream of changes lately for NMoneys. That is not to say little has happened.

To start with, I got to use the library in two real-world projects. And no single developer complained. That should be a measure of success, I guess Smile

It is not true that NMoneys is lacking a website. It has one. It is its project site. It is decently populated with examples and documentation. But there was something missing: visuals. One can stretch it, and consider part of this blog as part of that website. Or its recent home for binaries.

I started this pet project long time ago, but I kept procrastinating due to the lack of deadlines (classic).
As it goes, this release is the third incarnation of the project. It started with my happy idea of learning XAML and show off NMoneys using a Zune-looking Metro application. Unfortunately for me, that was a bigger bite than I thought. So I gave it up for a while.
Later on, I set myself to stick to the Web and write some more Javascript. That second incarnation went way farther but it never saw “the light”. But it laid the foundations for this third incarnation.

…one forgets the umbrella

In this de-structured series of posts I will be writing about things that I found out interesting: MVC, Javascript, REST APIs, documentation, The Cloud,…

If this list of topics don’t get the reader a little aroused I’ll eat my proverbial hat (or stop blogging altogether), because, if that is the case, I am targeting the wrong audience pretty badly.
Here comes NMoneys.Web. Flood it with visits.

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