Migrate. UP!

You may remember the launch of uCommerce Migrations. If not, it is nice timing for refreshing the basics and the background of the project.
If you do indeed remember, you will be delighted to know that new versions for both packages have been pushed to Nuget.

Going 1.0

Getting 0.9 out of the door was a great relief, as it meant things moved after stagnating for a while.

Getting to 1.0 means two things:

  • issues resolved
  • support for newer versions, for those starting afresh
  • “production ready”

Those were three things, but off-one bugs are not a problem within blogs.

Informal Changelog

  • uCommerce_Migrations places migrations artifacts inside the \Infrastructure folder, instead of the misspelled previous folder.
  • Necessary changes to support newer uCommerce versions (included loads of boring manual testing)
  • Changes in documentation and a sample migration script that automates the manual steps needed to run migrations.
  • Upgraded dependencies to latest FluentMigrator

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