Installing Windows Azure BizTalk Services

Today, Windows Azure BizTalk Services (WABS) was released for General Availability (GA). In this blog post I will show how to setup a Windows Azure BizTalk Service in Windows Azure, after the GA. Several things have changed from the Preview bits, and the setup experience has changed quite a bit, not needing to create your own certificate nor an Access Control Namespace anymore.

To follow this blog post, you will need a Windows Azure account. If you do not already have this go to this site for further details:

Setup a new BizTalk Service in Azure

before setting up a WABS, we need to consider the following:

  • A SQL Azure Server and a database will be required for Tracking. Should we use an existing or let the setup wizard create a new?
  • An Azure Storage Account will also be required. (Can also be created from within the setup Wizard).

It is recommended that both the BizTalk Service, SQL Server and Storage Account reside in the same region.

Setting up WABS

Now let’s start setting up a new BizTalk Service in Azure.

  1. In the Windows Azure Portal, choose + NEW | APP SERVICES | BIZTALK SERVICE | CUSTOM CREATE and choose a BIZTALK SERVICE NAME (making sure that the name is unique, but verifying that a green check mark appears), choose an appropriate EDITION and REGION, and select either an existing Azure SQL database, or choose to have the wizard create one for you.


The edition choice will have impact on how much you are charged for the WABS. See the pricing model for further details:

  1. Click Next (right arrow).
  2. Specify your SQL credentials and the name of the new database if needed, click Next.


  1. Choose a Storage Account or have the wizard create a new one.
  2. If you choose to create a new Storage Account, a name will also be required.
  3. Click Complete.

The BizTalk Service will take approx. 10 minutes to be created.

Once created, we need to fetch some information about our newly created WABS.

Retrieve the WABS certifcate.

First we need to download a public version of the certificate used for HTTPS communication with our BizTalk Service.

  1. In the Windows Azure Portal, select BizTalk Services, and select your new BizTalk Service.
  2. A Dashboard should now appear:
The WABS Dashboard

The WABS Dashboard

Note:A new Access Control Namespace has been automatically created together with our WABS.

  1. Select Download SSL Certificate, and save the .cer file for later usage. (This file will be needed once we start deploying and submitting to our BizTalk Service).

Register the Portal

Now all we need to do is to register our new BizTalk Service.

  1. Select CONNECTION INFORMATION at the bottom of the Windows Azure Portal, and copy the three values to notepad for later usage:


  1. Select MANAGE.
  2. A Register New Deployment form should appear.
  3. Fill in your BizTalk Service Name, the ACS Issuer name (owner) and ACS Issuer secret (DEFAULT KEY fetched from CONNECTION INFORMATION before).


Click REGISTER and the WABS Portal should now appear.


Note: In my screenshot, I have deployed a BRIDGE, so I have a 1 where you will probably have a 0. In the next blog we will look at how to setup the development environment for WABS, and later on how to deploy artifacts (such as BRIDGES), so stay tuned…

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