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Two busy days in London are over – it has been great visiting the E-commerce Expo 2013 in London, and getting insights and new ideas plus getting a feel of the British e-commerce arena.

Lars Christensen and I participated as representatives from Vertica, visiting the different stands at the expo and listening in on the various talks from vendors. Our top 3 inputs from the expo are:

  1. E-mail evangelist Dela Quist, AlchemyWorx
  2. “Brand is what brand does” session with Brook Calverley, PeopleMade
  3. 360-degree product view from RotaryView

E-mail evangelist Dela Quist, AlchemyWorx

On Dela’s lively speech he challenges the common (mis-)understading i the market that email is dead, and social media is the new way to communicate with your customers. Dela argues that email has a great brand value and backs this up with studies showing his point.

I must agree with Dela – email is definitely not dead and has a great potential, which should not be overseen. Emails are a brilliant way to maintain your users’ awareness about your brand even though they do not read your emails. Just being in your customers’ inboxes is a great potential for reminding them for the time when they actually need your products.

Some of Dela’s other points where:

  • It requires great cognitive activity to delete an email – you need to read and evaluate the email before making this choice
  • Subject line in emails should contain something for the persons who do not open your emails.
  • Recipients receiving (but not reading) 8 emails from you are more likely to buy products from you, than recipients only receiving (and not reading) 6 emails

“Brand is what brand does” session with Brook Calverley, PeopleMade

Brook Calverley took us through the new pact between consumers and brand, a pact where consumers now are in control. This is mainly because consumers are better at filtering the marketing messages from the brand, that corporate misbehavior are more out in the open, that information about the brand is more accessible through reviews since customers trust other customers more than advertising, and finally the consumers are looking for purpose and meaning as a complement to the products they buy.

Companies therefore have to acknowledge that their brand is made by many, and not the company’s marketing department. Employees, delivery service, other customers and how the company embrace the different communication channels are all part of building the brand. Therefore, it is not enough to make good products, everything else should follow along if you wish to create fandoms (customers who get your brand and talk about it).

360-degree product view from RotaryView

RotaryView contributed with one of the more interesting exhibitions on the expo floor. They have made a software solution where you as an online retailer can create 360-degree images of your products. The technical setup is fairly low tech – it only requires a camera with a timer, lighting and a turntable. You take a series of pictures of each product and upload to their servers, and they will then provide you with some html-code you can embed on your website, which will display your product and let customers, turn it to view it from all angles.

It has been two interesting days, and I am looking forward to try some of the things out on the solutions we are working on in Vertica.

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