Heading Motherland

No, I am not leaving beautiful, cloudy Denmark. Well… I am, but just for some days.

Why anyone cares? Because it is not for (all) pleasure. As a matter of fact I will be doing something that I had liked to do for long time: speaking in a Spanish User Group. And the guys of Madrid .NET gave me the chance to do it (thanks Luis!)

The topic is one I am very fond of: CQRS. And one that I touched both in the Århus User Group and for my colleagues in Vertica.

Some time has passed since I envisioned the contents and new technologies have settled down, so I did a small rewrite of the sample code and I am going to try a new concept of slides.
Besides, timing is a bit off, as Eric Evans and Udi Dahan have been touching some of the same topics just this past week. Ok, they have the names, the brains, the experience and the books. But I do have… uh, well… yes! the charms… and the jokes… and I hope they don’t speak Spanish, so I can have one more on my side.
Mix it with the fact that it is going to be my first time speaking technical jargon in my mother tongue and that (I hope) there’ll be familiar faces in the attendance and one can understand why I am thrilled about it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and register and see me sweat my beers.

Daniel Gonzalez Garcia
Vertica A/S

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