Tech-Ed Day 0

I am so fortunate to be attending Tech Ed 2011 North America in Atlanta. Here’s a little diary of what has happened yet.

… So dear diary

There’s a 6 hour time difference between good old Denmark and Atlanta. So it was a quite exhausting trip here. But I dodged the jetlag bullet even though I was a little groggy when I got here yesterday. My body hasn’t quite adjusted to the time different yet.


Let me say that even though it’s limited how much of Atlanta I have seen, it’s an impressing city. Here are some pictures I shot. They’re from downtown and the area around the congress center.

Ted-Ed DayTed-Ed DayTed-Ed Day

I am really impressed at how friendly and helpful people are over here.

Day 0 Preconference

My colleague and I took one of the free shuttle busses to the Georgia World Congress Center that houses the conference. And when not interrupted by Michelle Obama being in town, it’s a quick and convenient ride. On a site note perhaps I watch to many action movies, cause when I saw all the police officers I thought a bank robbery was in progress and was suddenly 5 years old again .

Ted-Ed DayTed-Ed Day

The check in process at the congress center was quick and painless no complaints there. And it was pretty easy to find the session I was going to attend.

Silverlight In and Out

Because today was preconference day, you could choose a preconference seminar to attend, that lasted from 10.00 am to 17.30 pm. The one I attended was Silverlight In and Out presented by Jeff Prosise.

Ted-Ed Day

It consisted of 4 modules.

Basic Silverlight that covered basic information about Silverlight and examples on areas of Silverlight programming. That covered areas like Markup, Layout, Databinding, MVVM, Security model.

Advanced Silverlight The main focus of this part was how to bring down the size of xap file for the Silverlight application. So we learned techniques for dynamically loading assemblies, resource files and so on. Jeff demonstrated some good techniques and gotchas (and how to solve them).

Windows Phone 7 This was an introduction to the development platform. Especially catching gestures and using the accelerometer springs out.

And finally the new features of Silverlight 5 that is currently in a beta. He covered among many things the ability to debug bindings in xaml, writing and using your own custom markup-extensions, Trusted application support in the browser and some of the enhancements for threading and handling media.

All in all it was a great seminar, Jeff really did a great job. I learned and chuckled a lot. There was a lot of great examples of the different areas that Jeff covered. Both on the fly code and prebaked examples.

On a side note one thing that worries me a little about Silverlight 5 is the desire to include things like the ability to P-invoke for trusted applications, which will limit the application for a windows machine. One could argue that if you only want to target a windows machine you could consider creating a WPF-app instead.

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