Talking the Talk. About CQRS

It’s been a while since I gave my very exciting (at least for me) talk about CQRS.

Some time after I arranged a podcast (aka. ANUGCast) with my colleague Søren, where he let me speak and mumble for long time about my thoughts on the matter.
Here you can get both parts (hey, I was unleashed provided material for two podcast):

As it wouldn’t be me with such a short post, I am going to give my take on podcasts.
I, for myself, do not use podcasts as a learning tool. I am more of a visual person that needs the information through his eyes to stick long enough in his brain to be useful.
Having said so, I do enjoy doing podcasts. They are fun and sort of unpredictable, as I tend not to prepare them at all. Conversation just flows, although sometimes it might become a double-edged sword, as there is a chance of getting stuck.

All in all, is a good experience and I am very thankful to the people providing me the opportunity to loosen up and share geeky stuff with whoever is fit for listening.
Thank the audience as well. I hope that whoever listened to it, or at least was not so bored as to turn it off automatically, enjoyed it as much as I did recording it.

Daniel Gonzalez Garcia
Vertica A/S

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